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We often receive emails from teachers just starting out asking about the best way to decorate their classrooms. They know that homeroom Teacher carries a broad line of decorations & displays, but they aren't sure of the best way to begin to decorate. Here are a couple of thoughts that we usually give them that seem to help.

1. You should plan on changing your classroom decorations every four to six weeks;
2. Consider bringing your students into the discussion because they love to help;
3. Decide on which of the holidays you want to decorate your classroom for; and,
4. Review your curriculum to determine what topics you want to focus on.

Once you have in mind what you want to focus on and when, the rest become easy. At Homeroom Teacher we have subdivided all of our decorations and displays into categories and subcategories to simplify your shopping. You can also find specific items directly by searching for them in the Search Products box in the upper right corner.

We have found that the best place to start decorating your classroom is with a bulletin board set. The bulletin board is the news center of the classroom and the place that most of your students go to almost every day. It is the focal point around which you should build your theme.

Once you have decided on your bulletin board set, then move on to banners and borders and trimmers . At Homeroom Teacher we have great Banners that you can hang from the ceiling or tape to the wall. They come in both a horizontal version and a vertical version and they really make a statement! Many of them are five or six feet tall or long and they truly jump out at you when you walk into the classroom. The borders and trimmers make great frames for your bulletin board, but a lot of teachers use them for other decorations, sometimes making a chair rail all the way around the room. Since most of them come with 35 or 36 feet to the package, one or two packages are probably all that you will need.

Then consider the possibility of adding posters and charts to your empty wall space. The posters and charts that we carry at Homeroom Teacher are both decorative and educational and come at a very low price. Our posters and charts cover almost every curriculum subject and really liven up your walls.

Next comes the fun part, add some accents or cutouts to the rest of your walls and you are in pretty good shape. Once you do all that, step back and see whats missing. You can always add alphabets and numbers to your walls or bulletin board to keep those things in constant focus. Or, you might want to add a chart topper or two to the top of your markerboard or in various parts of your classroom. You might even want to add window clings to make use of every space you can.

Decorating your classroom is fun! Let your creativity flow and have a good time with it. Just remember to change things around every four to six weeks and keep it fresh at all times. Remember that almost anything that you need can be found right here at Homeroom Teacher. And, remember keep all of your decorations and displays fresh for the next year by storing them in some of our storage boxes
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